The maximum size of a card that fits in the G-Series is 206 mm (L) × 98 mm (H) × 16 mm (D). But due to the different layout designs of each model and VGA card, we strongly suggest to check our VGA support list for each model or test before purchasing the VGA card.

The maximum resolution for the onboard VGA output is 1680×1050, on all models of the G5 series.

The exclamation mark indicates an HDMI sound device driver has not been installed properly and a manual driver update is required to complete installation.

  1. Therefore, please open the device manager and doubleclick on the device marked with the exclamation mark.
  2. Go to “Driver” and choose “Update Driver
  3. Choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and click “Next”.
  4. Insert the driver CD (or download the HDMI sound driver from the SG33G5 driver download page) and choose “Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM…).”
  5. The system will now start to search and install all the required drivers.

POST issue on Shuttle G5 models - check setting of jumper JP4.

  1. Most of the time when your system won't post it is because the J4 jumper pins are loose and losing connection to the motherboard. This means, when you turn on your computer it won't show anything on the screen, known as the No-Post issue.
  2. To fix this, please unplug the power cord first, then open the case and remove jumper J4 from the motherboard and put it back in place upside down.
  3. Now please restart the computer and the BIOS screen should appear.

The maximum physical memory which can be shared with the onboard video output is 384 MB.

Yes, the power supply of the SG33G5 can be upgraded to a 300 W power supply. Please see item number PC60.

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